5 Breathtaking Indonesian Landscapes
Inspiration: Indonesian Pre-Wedding Destinations by AXIOO
Aug 2017

Indonesia has so many hidden gems, places so magical that it looked like something out of a dream, places so pristine that they’re only touched by a few blessed souls, places so near but unfortunately we Indonesians don’t know much about.


Over these years, our photographers had the wonderful opportunities to travel and take pre-wedding shots there. They always come home feeling amazing and telling us all about their adventures with renewed spirits.  


“I’m so used to cities that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped in Kei Island. There wasn’t much people there, all I hear was the sound of birds chirping and the gentle waves slapping against the soft white sand. The baby blue sea was so transparent, I could see everything! I really need explore more (in Indonesia).”

– Dre

“ Up until now, my personal favorite is East Sumba. The golden field over the hills is so out of this world.” – Adi

“Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, is my favorite!” – Will.  

“I can never get tired of waking up early and hiking on Bromo. The sunrise view is so worth it.” – Jan.  

“When I moved to Bali, I thought Bali has only cafes and beaches. When I travel around, I realized that Bali has a few hidden gems too.” – Donny


Indonesian landscapes are breathtaking. There’s many more we have yet to discover.




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