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Surabaya, Our Second Home
Baby Axioo's Surabaya Trip by AXIOO
Aug 2017

After a long while, we’re finally back to Surabaya. It’s so good to be back, even if we’re only here for 3 days for our first ever pop-up market at MRKT, Galaxy Mall. We caught up with our old friends and got to know our new friends. We couldn’t be more happier!


We wanted to welcome everyone, so we created a new concept specially for this. We designed a sweet corner and gave everyone sweet marshmallows, so everyone had a sweet day.


The corner turned out to be so sweet that almost everyone decided to take pictures! A few of them even came home to change into their favorite outfits and came back here to take more pictures. No wonder, all the pictures was so cute! The cutest of them all won a free studio session with us.


We also had a little chit chat about raising kids with a few inspiring mommies. It was LIVE via our InstaLIVE so more of our friends at home can learn a couple things from them too.  


All in all, meeting our friends was so much fun. Surabaya, thank you for the good times!

We’ll be back very soon. Sampe ketemu maneh!




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