Inspiration: flowers for your wedding
Aug 2017

After spending months finding the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect makeup artists, the perfect venue, and the perfect catering, when the day comes, every worry would melt away and a single wish will take its place, “I want a wedding day full of love.”


Well, nothing says “love” more than beautiful petals of your favorite flowers. The selection of flowers is extensive, and not to mention, the millions of flower inspirations you can find around the web right now. When you’re planning the biggest day of your life, among the many decisions you need to make, is it safe to assume that “what flowers should I use at my wedding?”  is also among the big questions you need to answer? Although we believe that every flower is pretty in it’s own way, we know that there’s the right kind of flower for everyone. To shed some light on the subject, we had a conversation with some of our florist friends. Read on to find out about what they say.


Where do we start?

“Start with knowing what flowers are in season on your wedding day,” said Irene from Irene Flowers. After you know which flowers you want, set your budget before telling all about your preferred flowers to your florist.


What if my budget doesn’t cover my flower choice?

“Ask your chosen florist to propose something similar with a more reasonable budget,” advised Irene. Natasha from Fleuri added, “Don’t stress! Talk to your designer or florist and they would be able to help you create other beautiful selections that are in season and available at that time. Trust me, we are blessed with beautiful florals all year long!”


“You also have to understand that flowers and decor are very expensive and will be a big chunk of your wedding budget,” said Natasha, “Flowers aren’t just flowers, from the largest form of installation to the tiniest personal flowers such as the boutonnière, they should be very personal to you. The style and theme of the wedding would need to portray your personality, tell your love story. They are going to be in your wedding photos forever.”


Besides our personality, what are the things that influence our florals?


Natasha explained, “If you are getting married in an island like Bali/Lombok where the place is a lot more laid back and casual, your wedding florals doesn’t need to be round and full. Opt for a less formal look, garden or loose style of arrangements. A barefoot, garden, rustic or bohemian style will suit this kind of venue perfectly.


If you have a beautiful lawn/ garden, or even a nice home, doing a small wedding at home would be very nice and intimate! You probably don’t need much heavy decorations, only florals to compliment and enhance your home accents.


If you are getting married in a hotel ballroom, or function hall, your flower arrangements should more formal and classic, something elegant and timeless. If you are getting married in an art studio or museum, minimal florals, with a clean and modern look would be very appropriate!”


Is there anything else we have to prepare?


“As flowers are fresh produce, they could be unpredictable sometimes. Your florist might have to improvise last minute in case of unavailability or unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is very important to choose a florist that you completely trust, so you could leave your bouquet to them with peace of mind,” said Irene


Any flower recommendation?


“I think the best flower for a wedding day is any flower that is in season. They tend to be at their best size, quality, and price,” added Irene, “But if I really have to choose, I think I would choose a big bunch of sweet peas in various colors. Their amazing scent will follow me wherever I go!”


“My all time favourite florals would be white flowers such as Gardenias and Magnolias,” said Natasha, “I love the shape of the blooms, they commanded such beauty and elegance that is timeless. Maybe it is also their scent and perfume that is so hypnotizing, making it impossible not to fall in love them!“


To give you more ideas, we would love to share some of our client’s flower photos. Happy planning!




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