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Twins are Better than One
Samuel & Hannah Baby Portraits by Ave
Jul 2017
"I wish to have only one child," I said to my fiancee. Everyone was surprised because they know how much I love kids!

I love children so much that on and off work, I am always surrounded by babies and kids. That makes me understand that raising a child is not an easy task. It’s a challenge! Dealing with children, I have to be patient.
Raising children? I need more patience plus lots of money for their supplies of milk, food, diapers, school, and the never ending list goes on. It’s a lot of responsibilities. I was not sure I can give my 100% for more than one child. I wanted the best for my future kid. I started to see things differently after taking photos of Jimmy and Vina’s twins, Samuel and Hanna. The twins play with each other all the time. They won’t be alone. I could see that they will grow up taking care of each other.

Sure, the patience and the bills shall double! But, I believe that having a child is a blessing. So, having twins means double blessings! If you’re expecting more than one child, don’t worry! I know it’s hard and challenging at first, but believe me, it’s going to be worth it at the end! If God blesses you, he believes you have the strength to nail the challenges. So, enjoy the ride!



Photo Courtesy of Dad Jimmy, Mom Vina, son Samuel, and daughter Hanna.

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