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Bianca & Aunty Meli Portraits by William Xu
Jul 2017

Bibi (Bianca) loves to pose. When I asked her to smile, she smiled. When I told her to act surprised, she gasped sweetly. Beside her, her aunty Melly’s showing her how to to do it. She’s like a mini version of her aunty.

Like her aunty, Bibi’s very easy to shot. No wonder. Her aunty Meli’s a stylist. Her dad’s a photographer. So, since she’s a little girl, her family has taken her to photoshoots. It’s how her family bond and have fun together. It’s a family thing!

How about your family? What is the one fun thing you love to do together? Why not trying new things? Blowing bubbles? Wearing matching sunglasses? Playing by the pool? Family photoshoot, like Bibi’s?
Have a blast this summer!
William Xu
Photo Courtesy of Bianca & Aunty Meli

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