Photography : She Said Yes
The Shades of Us
Jul 2017

Every client is our muse. Each photograph, we draw inspiration from the clients themselves and the things they love! This time, the clients, Armand and Gabriella, told us all about the exhibits from Singapore Art Museum. They said they love it there. I’ve never been there before, so the stylist and I browsed the inspiration from the exhibits pictures. 


While molding the art concept to fit the couples vibe, we were very happy. Never before we worked with this concept. This concept was our first! 


“Paulus was being enthusiastic on the concept that we want, we can actually feel him enjoying the shoot. Paulus and the stylist created situations in which Armand and I are comfortable with, making us excited and really enjoy the photoshoot sessions,” Gabriella said.


It is satisfying to see the final result. Armand and Gabriella loved it! I can not wait to work on other conceptual projects like this.





Photo Courtesy of Armand & Gabriella.

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