Playing Dress Up
Monica Ivena Pret-A-Couture by Winson
Jul 2017

Hey, you know what might cheer you up? asked Phoebe to her friend, Rachel. The next scene shows the 3 best friends, dressing up, wearing wedding dresses while watching TV, eating popcorn. While making us laugh, this Friends episode also reminds us how good it feels when we dress up. It may seem silly. 


Sometimes, we feel like some dresses are over the top for the occasion, like wearing sparkly long dress to a neighborhood cafe might earn too many weird looks from the barista who just stopped making coffees to the high schoolers who just stopped doing their homeworks to stare at you. 


Still, we can’t deny the magic in dressing up. Dresses, suits, and even your favorite shoes have the power to make us look dashing and feel more confident. So, here’s the trick. Look what everybody else is wearing, then wear something a level above theirs, something that still make you feel comfortable. If they wear shorts, wear jumpsuits. If they wear skirts, wear dresses. You would be surprised at how powerful you feel and how many things you’ll accomplish. If you spend more time at home, then you’re free to wear anything. If you’re feeling so sad that you don’t want to be alone, get a friend to come and play dress up with you. Your friend might question you at first, but she’ll do it anyway. So, let’s dress up whenever we can, especially when we don’t feel like it. 


With love,

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