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I didn’t realize I was expecting
Jenifer Patricia Maternity by Vania
Jun 2017

It’s a funny story. I didn’t have any morning sickness so I didn’t realize I was expecting. Out of the blue, my husband blurted out, I think you’re pregnant with a boy.
Well, that explains all my cravings. Before I was expecting, I always eat clean. Now, I crave meat everyday, especially if it’s cooked with Indonesian spices. I get random urges to eat meatball mee and nasi campur.
Other than the cravings, I didn’t really feel pregnant before feeling the baby’s kick for the first time. Now that he’s stronger and always rolling, I never feel alone. It feels magical to carry a living tiny human inside of me.
It feels like the beginning of a new season. I think every pregnancy is personal. It has different story. I think capturing those unique moment of your life is worth the while. This is my first pregnancy and I want to remember every bits of it. So, I decided to book a photoshoot.
The photographer Vania was so good at directing the poses and quick to capture, it felt almost effortless. The whole team gave a positive vibe and made it easy to feel comfortable. I had a really good time during the session.
Jenifer Patricia

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