#insideAXIOO: Family Breakfasting
by Natasha
Jun 2017

There’s something about breakfastings, especially if we do it with our family. Celebrating Ramadhan, we wear sarongs over our slimmer waists and pashminas over our faces. Even though we dont recognize every face (as we recently extended our family), were glad to get to know everyone of them. 


6 minutes deep into the gathering, we played a game to get to know more about everyone. We learnt everyones name, age, last name, and the total of their exes. That was fun. The winner got VIP access to grab the food.


The foods were amazing. We opened with fried banana, then slurped meatball soups, ate nasi liwet with satays out of banana leaves, and tasted coconut ice. 


Then, we picked the best dressed ladies and gents to compete for a one night stay at Alila Ubud through a fashion show game. We couldnt stop laughing and cheering. It was fun! 


We came home with bigger stomach, bigger smiles, and an even bigger family. 





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