Photography : She Said Yes
10 Years and Counting
Jun 2017

“Aha, I don’t like anyone taking my picture,” said Albert, leaning on his favorite retro car while staring at his fiancee Fiona, “For today, please take pictures of my face from every angle. Hahaha.” Seeing the things he’s willing to do for his future wife really made my day.


I feel like they’ve been going through a lot of things and doing a whole lot more for each other in their 10 years relationship. That’s a really long time! Experience has an important role in relationship. Yes, the things you don’t like are always in your way. Albert was really sincere in doing the things he doesn’t like. The way you sacrifice your thing and be mature, like Albert, are the most important things.


Succeed and you’ll be left with sweet memories and a sweeter relationship. If you are working in this industry for quite a while, you can see the sincerity in the couple’s every action. Witnessing the way they hold hands, hug, and kiss, it’s really obvious: they really love each other.


It’s a pleasure to capture their love with my cameras! Thank you for your trust, Albert and Fiona.





Location : Bali