Photography : Family
Valissa Family Portraits by Ave
Jun 2017

Human beings are social creatures. We live for relationships. Even when we claim that we don’t like hanging out with other people very much, at some point in our lives, we crave for human interaction. Lucky for us, our Creator has thought that through when He created us. That’s why we were all born into a family. 


The first ever social interaction we have is with family. Mothers who nurture us, fathers who encourages us, siblings that grow us. However, in the journey of life, some family bonds grow stronger as some, unfortunately, falter. A family relationship, just like all relationship, needs to be nurtured and invested into with love and time. And in a world today where strong family relationship have become rare, to witness their chemistry and interaction is a privilege all on it’s own. 


I had such a great time shooting for Valissa’s family. They have a beautiful chemistry and a strong, positive energy around them. They are the kind of family that I’d be happy to hang out with. Everyone of them is so cheerful, as if they radiated love and happiness from within. They laughed at each others jokes, even when it wasn’t even too funny. They really know how to have a good time around each other. As a family photographer, I don’t think that I even had too much to capture these beautiful moments because the love and the chemistry is already there. And these are the kind of candid moments that make me feel grateful for the love, care and warmth of a family. 


Check out this album of Valissa’s family. 





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