The Heart Diet
by David
May 2017

The moment you said, Yes! to his question to spend the rest of your lives together, the first thing you thought of after the euphoria has passed was looking good on your big day. How many here immediately thought of dieting and extra hardcore workouts? We can see a lot of you nodding right about now. Relax, you’re in good company. 

During the months leading towards your wedding day, it’s not uncommon that brides end up trying new diet regiments in order to look their best for the big day. Eat this, not that. Choose this, not that. Do this, don’t do that. Atkins, Keto, South Beach, Mayo, juice fasts, master cleanses. You name it. However, aside from the physical diets that you’ve chosen to do, there’s another non-physical diet, that is often forgotten but equally or even more important, and that’s the emotional one. The diet for the heart, we call it. We believe that the days and months leading to your wedding day can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions and the diet for the heart is what you need to do to look beautiful inside and out. So, in the spirit of do this, don’t do that we’ve put together three suggestions that will help you take care of your heart before your big day. 

Do remember why you’re marrying him, don’t be scared. Ever heard of cold feet? That usually comes from the fear of the unknown, like the uncertainties of what lies ahead. There will be questions popping in your head like, can I really handle spending the rest of my life with him? Like, the rest of my life? Because that’s a long time! Don’t brush it off. Instead, use that as a trigger to practice reminding yourself why you’re even doing it at all. Remind yourself why you choose to marry this person. And believe us, when you know why you’re doing this, fear will subside as excitement begins to take over. This will also come handy for you in the long run. 

Do take some time to connect, don’t talk about the wedding planning all the time. Wedding planning can be really overwhelming and it’s going to be really hard not to make it the center of your relationship. But don’t do that. Take some time off from wedding planning to just be a couple. Talk about your day, go on dates, sit down at a coffee shop to just stare at each other and remind yourself about how you’re the luckiest people to have found each other. Talk about the next chapter of your lives – like when this is all over, what are you most excited for? Connect with each other and remember why you fell in love. 

Do feed your heart with good food , dont play with fire. The short time you have leading towards your big day is not a good time to be talking to ex-boyfriends or other guys you may have found attractive in the past. It’s not the time to start answering the what if? questions. Even if you think that this might not be a big deal at all because nothing has happened or is happening, this may still impact your relationship. Instead, feed your heart and soul with good food. Use this short time you have to surround yourself with people who supports your relationship and are looking forward to your union. Spend your time pampering your parents and your siblings or hanging out with your girlfriends. Meditate on the word of God and pray to Him to calm your soul and to give you the courage to step into your new life boldly.

Do you have other suggestions to take care of your heart before the big day? Share with us in the comments below.



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