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Capturing the Miracle of Birth
Maikha Newborn Portraits by Vania
May 2017

There’s always something exciting about shooting a newborn, especially when I also shoot the delivery. Always, I can taste the anticipation and love in the air. I met the mother-to-be Cecilia an hour before the c-section began. Despite feeling nervous, failing to sleep the night before, Cecilia wore a simple makeup, looking as pretty as always. It feels like she wanted to be beautifully ready when welcoming her baby boy to the world. 

The baby’s birth was so fast! Not more than half hour, baby Maikha arrived to the world, healthy and handsome. Thank God! Cecilia & Ardion were so happy. They couldn’t express their feelings through words, but I could see it in their eyes. Feeling their relief and happiness, tears rolled down my cheek. 

Later, Cecilia told me, at first I was really scared about the labor process, but when my baby pops out from my womb and kissed my cheek, it feels like a miracle.

Although remembering how it feels, actually, Cecilia didn’t really know what’s going on during the operation because of the dope. When I received the video from baby AXIOO and watched the whole labor journey, my tears suddenly dropped. Pieces of my blurred memories turned crystal clear. It relives that magical moment for me.

It was magical indeed. The moments I captured, the roller-coaster feelings I feel were so beautiful that I can’t imagine not doing what I’m doing right now. I am so honored. Thank you for Ardion & Cecilia for trusting me to capture Maikhas newborn moments!




Photo is courtesy of dad Ardion, mom Cecilia, and baby Maikha.

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