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Engelica Maternity Portraits by Baby Axioo
May 2017

I’ve always dreamed to raise kids someday, when the time is right. Honestly, if you ask me if I’m ready right now, I’m not. I’m not sure if I can handle the responsibilities of being a mother. Although I see pregnancy as a wonderful miracle, I can’t help to feel a little scared. What if things go wrong?

Engelica’s journey to be a new mother is not 100% smooth. However, she handles it really well. She said, pregnancy is definitely a blessing. I always feel super excited to go to the doctor to see how the baby is developing. I’m always curious about how she looks, how much she weights. I just can’t wait to meet my little princess.

Hearing her talking, I smiled. Engelica’s definitely ready. I’m not. God knows if were ready to be given bigger responsibilities, bigger gifts. I believe the most precious gift He can give us is a child. Since He knows our capacity really well, He’ll give us the gift only when we’re ready. Someday, on His time, I’ll be ready. 

Seeing how ready, how excited Engelica is on her less than perfect road to motherhood, I have a great feeling; she’s going to be a great mother. 




Photo Courtesy of Engelica.

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