Photography : Portraiture
Turning 17
Steffi Beauty portrait by Winson
May 2017

Since my first birthday, my family always throw me a birthday party every year. It’s been a family tradition to celebrate my birthday in a larger scale than any kid’s. I was always against the idea of throwing a big party for myself. I had always wanted only a small barbecue party at home. It would be a nice change of scenery for once. On my 17th birthday, although the party remained big, but a lot of things change. 

Turning 17 feels like a dream. I’ve been waiting for this year from a long time ago. Normally, I don’t really like my birthday, because as I get older, I have a lot of new responsibilities. I felt like I’m stuck in between childhood and adulthood. They gave me more responsibilities, but they still treat me like a child. Well, turning 17 means that I’m already an adult. I can legally drive and vote. I finally have my own ID card! That’s a big deal for me. 

Thinking back, I’m very grateful that my family throw a big birthday party every year, especially this year. Even though it isn’t cheap, my family doesn’t mind. Sometimes, it feels like they notice my growth more than I do. I mean, they watch me grow from a little baby. It’s a big deal for them. No wonder they want me to go all out on celebrating my milestone/ birthday. They literally do everything to make me the happiest girl on Earth, especially on my birthday. 

I’m thankful from the love i have received over the years from them, they are my mood boosters and my vitamins everyday. I’m also thankful to God who’s always blessed me since I was born. I hope to become someone who can make others happy, and be the positive change in the world.



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