Dear Awie and Fen
David & Fen Anniversary 2017 by David
May 2017

Dear Awie and Fen, 


Youve probably received countless wishes and love and expressions of gratitude for being you by now. From those who are close to you and those who have loved you from afar. It seems as though the whole world celebrates this milestone with you. Happy anniversary to the sweetest and most inspiring couple, they say. You are our #relationshipgoals / #couplegoals. Everything they say is true. Each and everyone reflects the constant awe of your hearts and the work you have put in to make your relationship not only work, but worldly inspiring. However, everything they say is only bits and pieces of what we have in our hearts for you, for in all honesty, theres a difference between those who love you from a distance and us, who are privileged to do life with you, day in and day out. Because the greatest honor is to actually witness the things that are not big enough to make it to the social media pages.


The adoring look Awie gives Fen when youre deep in your thoughts, with a pencil and paper in your hand. 


The I love you at the end of every phone call every time youre apart, even if youre just in the room next to each other at the office. And, our personal favorite, What do you want to eat tonight, Fen? knowing for certain that Awie will cook up whatever you wished for. 


The quick dash Awie makes as you gather your things on the way out to meet Fen. 


The starstruck heart-eyes Fen has when youre watching Awie talk in front of a group of people. 


You are his biggest cheerleader. And you are hers.

Youre his visor through every blaze of glory that life brings you. And you are hers. 

You are his inspiration. And you are hers. 

Every single day. Every single time. Day in. Day out.


People may swoon over how cute Bunny and Panda are, but we know that this inspiring relationship didnt just magically appear, despite what many believe. We know just how much effort you put in to make this work, because a relationship like yours requires faith, hope, love and a lot of falling in love with each other over ad over and over again. 


Its by seeing you that we have learned about what love really is. Its by being around you that we know the feeling of love. Its by watching you love each other that we have come to understand how relationships work. And in a world where many have easily given up on each other, we look to you, and see that love is indeed worth fighting for. 


Many great things in our lives have happened because you happened. We are the lucky few who have been given the chance to witness love first hand. And that is a privilege we never take for granted.


Happy anniversary, Awie and Fen. May God continue to bless your marriage and may he allow you to continue to do what you have done, and that is to inspire the world with true love. 


We love you, from the depth of our hearts. 




Credit Photos by Sweet Escape

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