Photography : Tying The Knot
Christian & Gabriella
The Wedding by Paulus by Paulus
May 2017

While talking about houses with the bride and groom, Chris and Gaby, we found out that we have almost the same idea on what makes a dream home. We have the same taste and we wanted our houses to be perfect. In fact, we even engaged with the same home designer. I loved how they made their home American style with a lot of natural light entering through the large windows. 


Have you ever talked to your partner about your dream home? Have you started to build it? I feel like building a home is similar to building a relationship. Even though youve got the perfect idea wrapped around your mind and youve engaged with the expert, still in the building process, youll encounter unexpected problems. Youll miss something, youll find things that is not as you expected, youll have to force yourself to solve problems after problems after problems. But youll find that solving problems isnt as easy as you think it would be. Because instead of being able to call the shots on your own, there are two people in the mix now. There are, at least, two different approaches on finding the solution. So, youll compromise and youll put aside your ego. Youll argue. Youll make up. Youll see the problem more clearly. And youll learn to solve it faster. Isnt that a lot like building a relationship? 


The funny thing is: our house designer missed the same thing. Yes, weve made a detailed plan. Yes, somewhere along the way, something unpredictable happened. Thats okay! Well adapt together. Although our home will not be as perfect as our initial dream, it will be a different kind of perfect: our version of perfect. It will be more fantastic. 




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