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His Trip to Outer Space
Luke Owen Baby Portraits by Herna
May 2017

Outer space is a tricky theme. Out of nothing, I had to think about a lot of details to make the final frame looks outer spacey. Plus, the Owen’s outfit material was uncomfortably hot. I remember, on the day of the photoshoot, I got up thinking, this is going to be a challenging day! However, later that day, when I saw Owen jumped behind my lens, I know the shot is going to be great.

Owen’s such a wonderful boy! He’s very smart and imaginative. To get his poses, Owen and I played pretend that we’re in an outer space. The look in his eyes was so curious and happy, as if he’s really imagining that he’s exploring outer space and discovering a lot of new things. I almost always get the perfect shot at the first cheese.

We had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. Seeing Owen’s huge smile, I can see that he’s enjoying the photoshoot so much! Since I clicked with Owen, the photoshoot went 100% smooth, faster than I ever imagined. 

I learned one important thing that day: as long as I connect well with my clients, I can nail every shot, even on the trickiest theme like this. After all, the photoshoot is all about the client. The theme is an artsy extension of the clients personality and dream. 




Photo is courtesy of dad Andy, mom Fransisca, and baby Owen.

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