A Swiss Memory

Raymond & Shierly by Aha
While reminiscing my travel adventures, a memory from Switzerland popped up: Raymond and Shierly said, “Our inspiration is people who appreciates love. AXIOO is one of them.” Then, my flashback began.   One day, my previous client asked, “Aha, do you remember Shierly? My bridesmaid?” I do! She’s the one who always smile. Before I answered, my client broke the news, “She is getting married! She chose you as their wedding photographer.” Wow. It really means a lot for me. I remember how happy I was that day. I couldn’t wait to meet her and her future husband. The first time I met them, we clicked right away. They’re very humble. Raymond said he’ll do anything I tell them to do. I’m really grateful for their trust! When I asked about the things they love, they told me all about nature and beautiful landscape. So, we flied to Zurich and Interlaken. I’ve always love to shoot in Interlaken. However, it was my first time to shoot in Zurich. I fell in love with the city. It’s really calm in the morning. I remember walking from my hotel to the city center, where all the buildings were old. There was no nobody, only birds chirping and a few cars passing by. It’s the perfect city to take your spouse for a romantic walk and breakfast. Raymond and Shierly loved being there! When we drove past a lake, I saw a really beautiful tree. The spot had a unique romantic vibe. I woke them up from their sleep and said, “let’s take a photo here!” When they laid their eyes on the scene, they immediately agreed. Since their deepest wish is to get captured as they truly are, I just built the mood and everything flowed organically from there.   The photoshoot was very successful! I love how honest they were with each other. The way they hold hand was really pure. Their chemistry was really strong. This was my happy ending for the Swiss trip! Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, Raymond and Shierly. I hope you guys kept falling in love with each other harder and harder as your days pass to forever. Cheers, Aha