Mom. I Miss You.
Mother's Day Portraits by Winson
May 2017

Gadgets aside, when was the last time you talk with your mom or maybe just listen to her day through a quick call? Do you miss her? The things I miss about my mom inspired me to create this portraiture series. So, let me share you a little bit about the woman who inspired me.

My mom was not only pretty, but she was blessed with a lot of talents too. Back when she was young, she was in a beauty pageant in the 70s. Just by looking at the trophy case, I see she won other competitions too. My mom was the most easy-going person that I’ve ever known. When we went to supermarket, she put on her friendly face and greeted everyone–yes, from the security, the butcher, to the cashier. I was like, you don’t have to do that mom. I was shy, but deep down I’m amazed by her positive vibe. After spending time with her, everyone feels better about themselves.
In the pursuit of becoming a good mother, she grew to be a tough mom for me. When I was a little boy, just like any other typical boy, I could be very naughty. My mom twisted my ears or sometimes hit me with feather duster (I think most of the 90s kids will understand this feeling. LOL.) The most annoying thing she did was when she woke me up by pulling my leg out of bed every morning, and, not to forget, when she lectured me with her high-pitch Manado accent that you could hear from 2 blocks away: Don’t come home late! Don’t be lazy! Don’t shower too late! GO EAT! Don’t do this! Don’t do that!
We used to do a couple things together. Just the two of us. We both loves music, so we played the guitar and sang together. She wanted me to be a singer. (Sorry to disappoint you mom.. haha). Other times, we just dined and spent quality times together.
Cancer latched on her for 3 years before it took her away. Passing every single day without her is not easy. I miss everything about her. I miss her silly jokes and her laughter. The thing I miss the most is those annoying high-pitch lectures. Every time I’m home, I’m dying to hear that again, but I can’t. I really wish I could just hear her voice once again.
On her last years, she always had the urge to have her picture taken in every occasion. But I didn’t feel like doing it, as it will be her way of saying goodbye. Deep down, I still wish God will give a healing miracle for her. I really wish I did capture her more often. If I could just turn back time, I would collect more memories of you, mom.
Realizing that our time with our loved ones is limited, I feel honored that I’m able to captured unique mother and child moments. In order to do so, we have gathered some families. I’m really glad, despite their busy lives, they made the time to do this with their mothers.
However, after all, this is for you, mom. Thank you for a lifetime of love you have poured into me. I always will remember your love. I miss you so bad. Until we meet again someday. We will.
With love,

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