The Greatest Honor

Mommy Putri & Bianca Portraits by Ave

I’ve always known that I’d be a mother. Even when I was just a little girl who knew nothing about growing up, I always knew that I’d be a mother. Even when there were times I didn’t know if I wanted to be one or if I’d be any good at it, I knew that one day, I would be a mother. However, never in my wildest dreams had I thought that being a mother would feel this good. 


People often think that being a mother is about us, about gaining new roles, about fulfilling a dream. But after becoming a mother myself, I realize that it isn’t about me at all; it’s about my daughter. 


To watch my daughter, Bianca, grow is an exhilarating experience beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed about. Everything she says and do always keeps me anticipating for what comes next and I love every surprises she throws my way. Even the unfavorable ones, much to my surprise. To see her learn new things, develop new skills, and interact with her surroundings never fails to put a smile on my face regardless of the ups and downs I’m facing in life. 


Being a mother isn’t just about giving unconditional love, but it’s also about getting tremendous love in return. It isn’t just about forever walking with my heart outside of my body, but it’s also about being watched over like the way I watch over my baby girl. It isn’t just about teaching life values, but it’s also about learning to see things in simplicity from the perspective of innocence. Before becoming a mother, I always thought that I’d be gaining a new role, but I never knew just how much that new role would mean. It is greater than myself. It’s not about me, but it’s all about her, about putting her first, above anything else in my life. It’s about selflessness. 


Yes, being a mother is an experience wilder than anything I’ve ever dreamed about. And it is the greatest honor and privilege I have ever been given in my life.

Love, Putri