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Taking Newborns First Picture
Babies Newborn Portraits by William Xu
May 2017

Hi! I’m William Xu. It’s my first time writing for this blog! I take baby pictures, specializing in newborns. Since my first photoshoot, I’ve been learning a lot of things. There’s so much I want to share with you! For me, taking pictures of newborns is a special thing. My priority is making the baby comfortable. Since every baby has to be taken care differently, we have to pay attention to a lot of things.

The first thing I do when as I enter the photoshoot place is looking for the spot with the best natural lightning. I minimize the use of artificial lightning, because newborns eyes are very sensitive. I don’t want to surprise the baby with strong blitz. 

The next thing is a little tricky. I make sure the temperature is right for the baby as every baby adjusts to temperature differently. One baby would be scared of warmth. Another would be scared of cool temperature. While doing the photoshoot, I observe the baby’s reactions and, once in awhile, check the baby’s hand and feet temperature just to make sure they’re not cold.

Then, to avoid any allergy, I make sure everything, including myself, is hygiene. Face mask and hand sanitizer are necessary. Every photo property, like fabrics and blankets, has to be dry cleaned after the photoshoot. 

Last but not least, the baby shall be comfortably full during the photoshoot. We may feed him before the photoshoot. I like to remind mothers to provide a little breastmilk stock for the baby to drink a few times during the photoshoot.

I hold on to those points tightly to make a safe, wonderful experience for the newborn. I am proud to capture the newborns first moment in life and make it last forever. When the newborn grow up, which is going to be very soon, we would look back, showing him what he looked like when he just got out from mommy’s tummy. Just like that, the memories would linger eternally. 

With love,


William Xu

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