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Before You Say I Do
Stephanie Beauty Portraits by Winson
May 2017

Only a few days left before you say I do ? Only moments before you become someones wife and your whole life will change forever? We’re pretty sure that you’ve settled everything and there’s nothing much left to do but wait. We can also imagine that the wedding preparation process was hard on you. It has probably left you physically and mentally exhausted. However, the prospect of being married is still exciting and so you don’t think about being tired at all. Instead you look forward to it and you’re increasingly agitated as you wait for that one big day to arrive. 

Don’t spend it watching the clock tick. This is, after all, your last few days of being a single lady! (And girl, this moment ain’t ever coming back!) You should revel in these moments, savor it to the fullest. And we’ve got some pretty good ideas about how you can spend it.

You can spoil your parents. Go shopping with your mom. Have tea with your Dad. Take them out for dinner so you can bond and you can show them just how blessed you are to be raised by them. By the time you’re someones Mrs, you might not have enough time to spend with them.

You can go for a sleepover with your best girlfriends. Spend some quality time with your girls before you step into marriage. Host it at a place you won’t be able to share with them later on: your bedroom! Reminisce the good old days, watch romantic comedies, eat lots of comfort food, and have lots of fun! 

You can be alone and get lost by yourself. You don’t even have to go far away because getting lost in your own city can be quite fun too. Reconnect with yourself. You may be surprised how being “lost” really opens the door to being “found” and it can reinvigorate you and remind you of what is really valuable.

Whatever you do, take your mind off of your wedding and focus on you.





Photo Courtesy of Stephanie

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