What would you do if the whole city shut down at your wedding day? This actually happened on Jodie & Gladys’ wedding. Emotional demonstrators flooded the streets of Jakarta. Reading from Jakarta’s dark past, most of the citizens hid inside their homes, fearing a violent riot. 


Most of the brides I met during my entire 15 years career in wedding photography would panic. Usually, they are emotional and very particular on details. 


However, Gladys the bride shrugged and said, “Let’s make our wedding happen.” Everyone, especially the parents, couldn’t hide their worries. They suggested other safer alternatives, even the church offered to relocate the wedding. However, the bride and the groom settled on this decision: they wanted to still want to speak their vows at the Cathedral. 


That being said, we all stepped to the street and marched together to the Cathedral. When the bride and groom arrived, they had a laugh with their friends and took photos with the security guards, seemingly having a good time. After this incident, everything goes smoothly. 


Smooth sailing is not granted in relationships, no matter how much we want the sea and sky to be in the perfect weather. Guaranteed, we will be faced with unexpected tidal waves and hurricanes. 


I am amazed at Jodie and Gladys’ way in overcoming this challenge to make their wedding work. They are both very smart and mature--Gladys in her independent way; Jodie in his spontaneous way. They’d make a great team. Taking notes from them, we should learn to stay calm, not being passive, accepting things just the way it is. We should take a deep breath, brace ourselves to take the risk. Beneath it all, we should not forget to be a little playful, laugh a lot, and enjoy the rough ride. 


Jodie, Gladys, thank you for trusting me to capture your “unexpected” moments. Once again, congratulations for the wedding! It’s an honor to witness your joy and your beginning. Last by not least, thank you for the friendship. 





P.S. Anyway, I just got your gift and your note. Thank you! They’re lovely. I’m very touched by your kindness.