Inspiration: Outdoor Wedding: Choosing Dates & Decors

There’s something romantic about outdoor weddings; bright blue sky as your limitless ceiling, freshly mowed grass as your carpet, the birds chirping (and the waves crashing, if your wedding will be near the beach) as the melody, the sun shining as bright as your faces. Really. Nature is the most beautiful scene to speak your vows. 


However, preparing a wedding with mother nature is a bit tricky. We have to work around the weather. Nonetheless, when we see our clients pull this off, we know those weddings are going to be the ones to remember. 


We asked a couple of our friends who set outdoor decorations on a couple tips on making it happen. 


Everyone agreed: you have to be sure your D-date would sit in the right season. 


“June, July, and August are the perfect months to have a Bali outdoor wedding. Since it’s winter in Australia, the wind blow coldly, which is a relief from the hot tropical sun,” said Yu Cien from Lotus Decor.


Since it’s Indonesia, we can’t predict the exact weather. One hour, the clouds would rain buckets. The other hour, the sky would part, letting the hot sun strikes. “I suggest you to choose the vendor who provides an alternative room or a tent. If the weather goes bad, we would move to that room,” added Yu Cien.


“If you really wish to have an outdoor wedding on rainy season, you should really prepare a tent,” advised Steve from Steve Decor. He doesn’t trust shaman to chase away the rain, “Let’s be logical. Let’s be exact. I mean, you’ve dreamed this wedding since you’re a kid. It would be very unfortunate to not see it come true because of the weather.” 


After considering the season and choosing the date, let’s think about the style. 


“Before you look for reference, remember be true to yourself. Your wedding shall reflect your personality as a couple, so it will be memorable for you and the guest as well. These questions can usually be a starter point to decode your wedding theme: what you love, what you don’t like, what’s memorable in your life, what elements you find amusing, what object are meaningful. ” suggested Emil from Designmill


The style should go with nature. Steve said, “Nature is already amazing. Pastel colors fits so well. Also, using natural props works too! You know, props like candles and torches. They would create romantic ambience. If you wanted something a little grand, you would love French garden style.”  


“After you decide on style, budget, and vendor. You should work on improving the ideas rather than comparing and starting all over again when you find other concept,” Emil added. 


To give you more inspiration, we also would love to share some of the pictures of our clients’ amazing outdoor wedding decors. They are so wonderful! Please enjoy.



Happy prepping!