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Double the Blessings, Double the Happiness
Ravzy & Melinda Family Portraits by Vania
Apr 2017

Double the blessings, double the happiness. That’s what they say about twin babies. 

I, on the other hand, did not share that sentiment. I don’t have children of my own, so I really can’t be judgemental, but in my single, non-parent mind, double the babies means double the work and double the trouble. Not to mention double the cost!

I seriously couldn’t imagine the live of a mother with two babies – at one time. She needs to have double the energy, to provide for the double portion of milk and double the nappies I mean, raising a baby is hard enough, imagine having to double that! Life with twins is seriously no joke! However, like I said, this is all just some logical thoughts from the mind of a single woman who has no experience in parenting whatsoever. This is all a product of my overly active imagination. Because when I met Melinda and her adorable twin daughters, Emma and Aria, everything changed. 

The connection Emma and Aria have with each other is amazing. It’s like they’re two unique people who are so alike in so many ways. They mimic each other. They can feel the same things. They can even be hungry at the exact same time. And when one is sick, the other will follow after. But Melinda, their mother, is equally amazing. She just never stops. Her energy never wears out. She doesnt stop caring and her love never ends. She’s able to give attention properly and equally to both girls. She’s able to be fair, even when she can’t please them both at the same time, she’s smart to handle the situation. She’s wiser and tougher than any women I’ve ever met. And even when she’s tired, she’s filled with so much joy and gratitude from being blessed with not one, but two, adorable girls at the same time. 

To Melinda, double the babies truly means double the blessings and double the happiness. And as I watched this family in my studio that day, I understood perfectly what she meant. 




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