From Dating to Marriage to Parenthood

Putri Titian Maternity Portraits by Vania

There’s a certain privilege of being a photographer for BabyAXIOO that often escapes other people, that no other people usually think about, but ourselves, and that is the privilege of growing together with our clients. Alright, alright… maybe I’m being just a little bit overly dramatic here, but that’s honestly how I feel, because as a photographer, I get to freeze the important milestones in time towards their growth. From the waiting period to the birth of their child to the time they’ve settled in together as a family… I get to witness it all. And that’s a privilege I never take for granted. 


I met Jun and Tian for the very first time when they were expecting their baby. And we hit it off right of the bat. This celebrity couple destroyed any assumption I had that all people who were usually under the spotlight were cocky and bossy; like they wouldn’t have mingled with the likes of me. But this loving couple were kind and sincere, and from the very start, I felt comfortable around them. 


Jun and Tian found out they were pregnant not long after they were married. I guess that, in a way, that’s a wonderful thing. Although their days following their wedding felt slightly like a rollercoaster ride - moving from dating to marriage to parenthood in lightning speed - they went through it with their hands firmly gripping on each others’ as their laughter drowned out the uncertainties of the situation. They were more excited about being parents than they were nervous. They went through the changes in Tian’s body to picking out baby stuff to learning about being great parents, together. And I enjoyed listening to the stories their shared as I clicked away on my camera and watching their beautiful chemistry from behind my lens. 


The day Baby Lori arrived earthside, I couldn’t hide my excitement for the happy parents. I remember anxiously waiting till the day I would have this little family in my studio. Finally, when Baby Iori was two weeks old, I got to spend a few minutes to just gaze at his beautiful face, before watching how their chemistry never changed and how Baby Lori made them look even more complete. 


To watch couples like Jun and Tian move from being two people madly in love with each other to one family that have settled in beautifully with the new addition, is like watching a miracle. And that experience alone is the privilege I never take for granted. 


Thank you for sharing your precious moments with me.


Love you,