Deciding to have or not to have a wedding while you are on top of your career is a tough choice. Along my career journey as a photographer (and an entrepreneur), I have met a lot of people who are busy making masterpieces. Marriage is the last thing on their minds. Most of them are scared that marriage would interfere with their career. 


A few months ago, I met Nicola Reza (Caca) and Morina (Momo). Caca is an entrepreneur. Momo is the vocalist of a famous Indonesian band called Geisha. Both of them were (and still are) on the top of their careers. So, naturally, they met through work. They fell so hard for each other that the couple decided to take a leap outside their comfort zone. They got married! 


After tying the knot, Momo still sings for her concert crowds. Watching her perform, her fans would be happy that they still talk about her show in the following weeks. They would remember her as a one time big moment.


Now, her role is shifting from a full time performer to a part time performer and a full time wife. Her number one priority is supporting and making Caca, the person she loves the most happy. Her husband would remember her in ten thousand small moments, making his life ten times more amazing.


Taking the decision to move from single life to married life is not easy. It takes a lot of sacrifice and commitment. Your 100% won’t be about you anymore. Your 100% will be dedicated for your family. However, later, when you look back, you will see them smiling back at you. It would make you happier like the way my wife and daughters do. Like me and the couple, you will say, “It’s worth it.”






Photo is courtesy of Nicola Reza Samudra & Narova Morina Sinaga