One thing that strikes me the most about Sugi & Dorena is their chemistry. The way they attract each other is very real. They don’t do it just for camera. Their chemistry feels really honest, like they know that they belong with each other and they are happy for it. You can see it in their eyes. Everything they do comes from their hearts.


Since we are looking for ways to make our relationship better, sometimes, we compare other people’s relationship with our own. We would see them interacting differently than us. Hearing their laughter, we would assume, “Oh, they are happier than us.” Then, we start to copy their style. 


Well, we could be wrong. We can learn an important thing about relationship from Sugi and Dorena: be true with your relationship. Be honest with what’s comfortable and not comfortable in your relationship. What works for other relationship might not work for ours. Don't make other people's relationship as your "goals". 


I have seen a lot of couple, so I can assure you: every relationship is beautiful in its own way. Really. Don’t force it to be sweet. That way, your true chemistry will really shows. That would be fantastic.








Photo courtesy of Sugiarto and Dorena