Little Moments, Big Memories

Kathleen Baby Portraits by Ave

“Thank you mommy for helping Bibi take a bath,” Kathleen (Bibi) flashed her cute little smile, hugged, and kissed her mommy, Sarah. No words can describe how cute she is! She wrapped and tugged mommy’s hands with her small fingers, which were a little wrinkly from playing with bath water. Mom Sarah wondered where would Kathleen take her; reading books, staring at the fishies, asking mom to cook together, building legos, squeezing playdoh, drawing, or other things? She grows up so smart and so fast! We’ll never know what Kathleen does next. “We can’t turn back time,” shared Sarah, “As her development phase changes, her hobbies, her favorite things, her look, and the way she talks change too. It would never be the same anymore. In the future, I will miss every moment of it.” That’s why Sarah took Kathleen to play in this photoshoot session. As soon as Kathleen came inside the studio, her adorable eyes saw a huge Snoopy (or “upi” as Kathleen called it), which we prepared for her because she loves Snoopy so much. She was super excited! She couldn’t stop talking and asking questions in her own cute, friendly way. She’s so smart. No wonder she grows up so fast! Mom Sarah said,  “I’m amazed! You both (the photographer and the stylist) made Kathleen have so much fun that she forgot her nap time.” Aawww. Hearing this really made my day. At the end of the photoshoot, Sarah inspired me to cherish every moment with my family. Everything will change. Even as I write this, everything changes. The change is so subtle that we don’t feel anything. But, when we look back from a year ahead, we would really feel the change. Love, Ave Photo courtesy of mom Sarah and baby Kathleen