Photography : Family
A Wish Came True
Dennis & Dora Family Portraits by Ave
Apr 2017

From the moment I see my dear friend Dora’s baby, I wish to take photos of her baby Denise (baby Dee). She’s so cute! I invited Dora to take baby Dee to our studio and get her photo taken, so her cuteness won’t be forgotten with time. Before Dora responded, out of the blue, Happy Diapers crew purely chose Baby Dee as their instagram competition winner, awarded with getting her photo taken by us. What a sweet coincidence! My wish came true. I was very happy.

The photoshoot was super fun! Baby Dee is super adorable and super easy to shoot. She stared at my camera with her big eyes, her rosy cheeks flushing. Her favorite pose is duck face. It makes her ever cuter. When we teased her, she laughed.  

The excitement peaks when mom Dora brought a shiba inu named Kira. Kira is a gentle dog. He’s such a charmer. He’s also very patient with baby Dee. He lets her do anything to him. While watching the family interact, it felt like mommy and daddy teach baby Dee to love animals. The moment was so adorable. I played along and took mental notes so I can teach my future kids to be kind to animals too. 

I’m really grateful for this wish came true. I learned an important lesson and I enjoyed playing and taking photos with this Dennis, Dora, Baby Dee, and Kira. They’re such a sweet, loving family! I hope to see them all again in the studio with baby Dee’s future brother and sister. 




Photo is courtesy of daddy Dennis, mommy Dora and baby Denise

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