She Grows Up So Fast

Gwen Baby Portraits by Herna

“Every moment with my baby is my favorite. She never fails to make me smile and laugh,” said mom Louise. She spends all her time with her baby Gwen; she plays with her, she eats with her, she sleeps with her. 


“With Gwen, time flies faster. She grows up so fast. I can’t believe it. One day she’s only my baby. Another day, she’s already a pretty girl, walking around the house.” Currently, Gwen can’t sit still, she’s eager to walk. Soon, she’s start running and blowing her first birthday candle! 


That’s why Louise was excited to arrange baby Gwen’s this photoshoot session. She never want to miss every step of her baby’s growth. She desires to treasure every bit of it. In the future, she wants to look back at the pictures with Gwen. She told us that she wanted future Gwen to see what she looked like when she was a little baby.


Treasuring memories is always one of the most exciting thing in life, especially when it comes to your baby’s memories. I am so happy to be a part in capturing Gwen’s baby pictures. She’s so cute! 


Happy first birthday, Gwen sweetie! May you grow up smarter, prettier, and closer with mommy. 



With love,



Courtesy of mom Louise

Props by Dream Flavours