#axiookartini: To settle down or to chase a career?

Ladies, our fairytale is evolving. Back then, society expected us to be like Sleeping Beauty: have flawless hair and settle down early with a handsome prince. They said, “Girls are like Christmas trees. By 23 and 24, people would be racing to buy. After 25, we would be putting on our neon SALE sign.”


Now, on top of getting married and giving birth, some of them added being successful into the equation. At every high school reunion or family gathering, they keep asking, “Where do you work? How’s your business? When are you getting married?” or sometimes, “Who do the best eyebrow embroidery?” The questions kept playing on repeat like that new Ed Sheeran song. 


We’re not complaining. We are very, very, very grateful for the opportunity to reach for our dreams;  no matter what they are, whether it is opening bakery in France, building a fashion empire in Milan, or making business deals in Wall Street, making it come true is only a matter of our learning pace and our growing guts. Having this new privilege, we can’t even imagine what it’s like to live in the past, in which we don’t have any opportunity to reach our dream.


On the other hand, it feels great to dedicate 100% of our time to take care of our home, the people that matters the most to us. Even though we don’t need a prince to make our lives, deep down inside, we also want to be somebody’s princess. I mean, isn’t it wonderful to have someone to come home to and talk about our days with, and perhaps, a daughter and a son to watch cartoons with? 


However, in some situations, we have to choose between sacrificing our career or our relationship. “Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke, then it’s time for a promotion,” this The Devil Wears Prada quote is sad but true.


Well, whatever you decide, you’re right. Don’t worry. You have an entire generation of women standing behind you. We know how hard it is to make such decision. We are proud of you. Nevermind about the things they judge behind our backs. Let their whispers sleep in a forgotten tower. Besides, we are the Belle of this generation. We are smart, brave, and someday somehow we’ll meet a prince. He might not understand us at first, but later, he’ll love our quirks. 


Happy Kartini’s Day, ladies!