Alvin & Clarissa

The Wedding by Paulus

I took pictures on a lot of weddings that I have came to a realization: on wedding days, the groom and bride gets very emotional. The couple are going into a new phase of their lives and months of preparations may not go exactly as planned. No wonder they are so anxious. One little thing can make everything blow up. 


On Alvin and Clarissa’s wedding, Clarissa’s big brother sticks by her side. He’s the one who broke the ice, talked to the wedding organizers, and basically being there for Clarissa. Her sister was there too. Somehow, their presence kept Clarissa at ease. A few times, they joked around with their bubbly new brother-in-law, Alvin. Wherever they went, laughter followed.


It felt like they are taking care of their sister, making sure she’s okay, making her wedding day complete. They even teared a little when hearing Clarissa said her vow. I guess it’s quite sad. They are happy for Clarissa. However, they grew up with their sister for their whole life, and after this event, she’s not going to be home as often as she used to. 


Taking this in, the companionship of someone you can depend on, especially siblings, are important on your wedding day. That’s why you should involve them more and relax a little. After all, when he/she marries you, he/she also marries your whole family.