Picking Simple Dresses for Bridesmaids

We all have one group of girls who know a complete history of our dating career, from our first heartbreak to the day he proposed. Each of them has offered us wonderful advice, which sometimes we ignore. Deep down, we know they know what’s best for us. But still, when the horrible consequences happened, they stayed awake, listened to our cries until 4 AM without saying, “I told you so.”  


The closer we get to our wedding day, the more mixed up our emotions will be. We definitely need our best friends during that day, so we turn them to be our bridesmaids.


Speaking of our best friends, do you remember those moments when you wear matching outfits with them? Those moments are fun! So, why not pick matching dresses for them on your wedding day? It would be really pleasant, just like the old days. Plus, wearing those dresses would make them feel so special. 


While choosing the dresses, there are some things that keep coming back into our minds. First, the style should complement our wedding theme and our bridesmaids’ personal tastes. Then, the dresses should be within our wedding budget.

When in doubt, choose simplicity. From what we have seen over the years, simple dresses fit into any theme and personal style. You can see the pictures below. We hope they would inspire you.