Her First Step

Adriella Baby Portraits by Vania
Surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms, baby Riri reached a chair with her tiny hands. Trying to get her attention back to my camera, we wove little things she might be interested in. Suddenly, Riri leaned a little. Then, she took her first stand. The parents and I were flushed with joy. Smiling from ear to ear, we could not stop talking about Riri’s growth milestone for quite a moment. Whether it’s the first smile, the first laugh, or the first words, witnessing your child’s firsts is always exciting. After all, the first year is a critical year. It’s when the baby develops bonds with the parents and others. The way the parents cuddle, play, and talk with the baby sets the standard on how the baby interacts with others.   So, I learned that mom and dad should shower the baby with love for as long as they can. Play with the baby. Sing to the baby. Answer to the baby’s every word. Beyond all that, mom and dad should not forget to take care of themselves too, so positivity still radiates from the parents. With love, Vania  P.S. Happy first birthday, little Riri! Give mommy and daddy lots of kisses. Photo courtesy of dad Albert and mom Anggrainy.