I always make it a point to set some time to take pictures of the details at the wedding. Invitations, rings, boutonnieres, customized hangers, etc. Any details that the bride and groom have prepared especially the wedding, I’ll shoot. On the day of Paul and Kath’s wedding, I was caught by surprise as I was getting ready to do my details shot. Kath, the bride herself, brought me a tray of the things that she prepared especially for me, to do this detailed shots. She prepared the lemons, the trays, the ribbons, and her hand bouquet. Usually, I’d gather the things myself, so not to get in the way of the bride or the groom. But this was a pleasant surprise. I loved that she knew exactly what she wanted and prepared everything in advance. 

This was true all throughout the wedding. Paul and Kath’s wedding had their fingerprints all over it. It felt as if every detail that was present at the wedding was a reflection of their personalities combined and their story was told through it all.

I feel like everyone who’s planning a wedding could take a few cues from this lovely couple. Sometimes I feel like it’s so easy to just pick out details that were inspired by a pretty Pinterest post or even things that are Instagram-worthy, making the wedding a beautiful sight, but forgetting that the wedding needed to tell a story of this union. Because more than just a pretty event, a wedding should actually be about the bride and groom. Tell your story. Know what you want. Just like Paul and Kath. Congratulations again to this couple. You are an inspiration!