Photography : Tying The Knot
Jeffry & Yenni
The Wedding by AXIOO
Mar 2017

I have seen so many couples in my life. I watched how their relationship grows in love and harmony and I saw how they got ready to embark their new life as husband and wife. I know marriage isn’t that easy. It is a life-changing experience that need constant work and attention. No matter how many marriage advice you hear throughout your life, no matter how much challenges you’ve anticipated and how you’ve foreseen the solutions for it, marriages have it’s unfavorable days. Even the happiest couples find it hard to thrive in some difficult times.

Marriage is different for everyone. There are no one cookie-cutter formula to make marriage work. But there’s one thing that every marriage need – and that is a strong commitment to never give up. We shouldn’t give up on each other. Communication is the key to solve any problems in marriage life. We need to continuously learn about each others feelings, emotions, struggles, even dreams and talk it out. We need to meet other people, or couples, to inspire our love life that could lead you to a long and happy marriage. I am so blessed and grateful that I have met so many amazing people in Axioo who inspired me to believe in marriage, to work a little harder on it and to never give it up. I felt so empowered to hold onto the understanding that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, so whenever I go through rough patches, I will work it out. 

Now, when I look at these pictures of Jeffry and Yenni, it’s easy to see that there’s something that makes them so perfect for each other. Congratulations again to the happy couple. I wish you love, joy and a long life spent together. Please remember to never give up on each other. Nobody ever said marriage will be easy, but everyone says that it will be worth it.



Location : Jakarta

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