Photography : She Said Yes
Couples Escape
Niko & Febby Prewedding by Jan
Mar 2017

The problem married couples face is that we often feel stressed and exhausted with the continuous demanding adulthood requires. We can be so busy, so fractured, and often not in the mood for romance. And we all know the fact that couples who don’t find some work-life balance will find their marriage suffers.


That is why every couples need some time alone together, filled with the kind of activities which will help to reconnect with each other. Couples escape has the benefit to give you the opportunity to reconnect in a deeply loving way. With a beautiful scenery, and a great range of stress-free activities, couples escape will deepen the intimacy, help to manage the conflicts, and renew your connection and commitment to each other.


It is essentially a vacation, where you’re dedicating your uninterrupted time to your partner to get to know each other again and remember what made you fall in love in the first place. This will keep your bond strong and unbreakable and both of you will learn the importance of keeping sparks alive and marriage a priority.


Whenever you feel like you and your spouse tired with every days routines, plan a fun couples escape and treat yourself and your spouse with a precious quality time together. It’s going to be great if you’re lucky to have a chance to go to exotic places, far far away, but you could always escape to a destination that’s only a drive away from your city and still have that kind of quality time you and your spouse deserve.


I know that this is a pre-wedding album. Niko and Febby aren’t really there yet, but I know they will be. And if they keep this hobby that they have, to travel and to discover new places together, I believe they’re going to rock marriage.


Congrats in advance you guys!





Location : Bali , Indonesia.