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Playtime Priority
Baby Raphael by Herna | Written by Maya by Herna
Mar 2017

I always feel amazed when I watch my children at play. Ive been invited to my girls tea party with Mr. Giraffe and Mrs. Bear, and watched my two boys chase each other around pretending to be ferocious dinosaurs. Let me tell you something, honestly, I dont really have that time and energy that I can devote 100% with my kids before I get busy, tired, bored, or annoyed. I can conveniently blame that on the load of work I have, but I really cant. Its time management (which I happen to suck at!) However, when I allow myself to just be with my children and to be sucked into their world at play, I get a lot more than I can ever give them. 

What you can see in this world through a childs eyes is so amazing! Each child has his/her own perspective of the world that they live. I learned so much just to be able to look at the world in magic and wonder, appreciate the little things way better than I used to, and see the world in a different way in just a second. Just by playing with my children, I learn to keep my dreams right in front of me at all times. I am reminded of how great it feels to be passionate about something and to tap into our imaginations again. In fact, when the time is right, playing with them is one of my favorite stress-relief for an overworked mom like me. 

I know that I have to expand my level of tolerance for the amount of time I can play with my kids, because by joining and accepting them in their make believe world, I can enhance their self-esteem and their strengthen their trust in me. Its a great opportunity to help me get to know and understand the uniqueness of each child. Whenever I saw how they build their self-esteem when they discovered they could be anything just by pretending, whenever I saw how their personalities bloom and their interests grow, I burst with pride and joy. I used to think that I need to set about an hour to do this with them, but actually, even five minutes can do wonders for them. Kids are truly amazing, arent they? 



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