Sweet Escape Honeymoon Travel Fair
by David
Feb 2017

What is a honeymoon? It is a once-in-lifetime experience that a newly-wed couple shares to celebrate their marriage which they can cherish for the rest of their journey. However, only 1 out 4 couples get their dream honeymoon, and the other 3 live to regret never going. 

SweetEscape wants to encourage couples to beat the statistics and to go on their dream honeymoon because everyone deserves a memorable honeymoon experience.

Last week, SweetEscape hosted the very first SweetEscape Honeymoon Travel Fair in the MainAtrium and Mainstreet of Gandaria City, Jakarta, in conjunction with the Bridestory Fair that also went on during that week. This collaboration was meant to enable engaged couples to arrange their wedding planning and to arrange their honeymoon plans all at the same time. 

SweetEscape Honeymoon Travel Fair offered loads of travel inspirations and great deals. They featured some big names in the travel industry, such as Golden RamaTours and Travel, Dwidaya Tour and Singapore Airline that offered special packages for honeymoons to several attractive destinations. In addition to that, there were other curated vendors too who were invited to take part in this event, who offered travel essentials such as suitcases, bags and backpacks, clothing and accessories.

The event was made merrier by Dave Hendrik, who hosted a talkshow on Dream Honeymoon with Julie Taslim and Tyas Mirasih, a live acoustic band, and some exciting games with great prizes to win. 

Did you make it to SweetEscape Honeymoon Travel Fair last weekend? Do you think we should make this an annual event? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below. 

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