Furry Friends
Introducing Pet Photography by felicia
Dec 2016

Christmas joy and light aglow. Christmas songs to warm and cheer. Excitement is on these creatures faces, anticipating Christmas!  

A dog is a mans best friend and thats the truth! Although not every dog is friendly by nature, we often hear stories about dogs. Inspiring stories surrounding rescue from fire or reunions. Dogs have been long used as a seeing-eye for the visually impaired and are now used in therapy for Alzheimers disease and in clinical settings as comfort for the terminally ill. Scientifically, dogs do help us. But to me, personally, dogs always make me feel so much love and admiration for our Creator. Every time I look at my dogs, I think, Our God is so creative!  

I learned so much from my dogs. Each one of them have taught me one or two important lessons in life. From Woofy, my oldest dog, especially, I learned about loyalty and respect. She taught us to love extravagantly, care deeply, forgive quickly and live simply. We provide her with food and we put a roof over her head, in return her gratitude is displayed by a fierce and matchless loyalty to our family. I imagine if people can love each other the way she loves us, the world can easily be heaven.

Dogs come into our lives as pets, but before long, they become a family member we love and adore. Unfortunately, we can also predict their life span, which is too short for the love we have grown to have for them. Its sad in a way, but it also serves as a reminder for us to always treasure and savor their presence throughout their short years. I spend time with them and I take their pictures, so that when their time finally comes (Oh, I cannot imagine. I am almost on the verge of tears just thinking about it!) I hope that their love will remain forever not only in my memory but also in the countless photos perfectly captured.

Id like to think that Im not the only one who feels this way about her pets. Im sure there are many dog/cat/bunnies/birds persons out there who feels the same I do about their pets. And so, faster than I can say, Lets do this! , let me introduce to you newest addition to our product line-up: #axioopets, a photography services especially for your furry friends. Lets make new memories! 

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