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Hengky & Clarissa Family Portraits by Ave
Nov 2016

The secret to a good photograph is in the details. I’ve always believed that. That’s why I make it a point to pour a big portion of my time into discovering the details that really speaks about the family that I will have on the set. And because family portraits are about describing the personalities of that family, we really take the time to talk about what they like to do, what inspires them, and basically what their every day is like so that they’d have a great picture to look back upon later on. 

This Kinfolk-inspired photo session feels like a refreshing change to the elaborate sets that I am used to to doing. We kept the props to a minimum and the simplicity of it all allowed us to focus more on the connection that this little family shares. And what a beautiful connection that is! The boy, Ollie, is such a heartthrob! Although in the middle of the session he was a little bit tired and sleepy, he kept smiling. (That’s another benefit of the having a simple concept for family portraits: the children can just be natural!) 

This series felt light and easy like a Sunday morning. I hope you’re having a light and easy one too today! 




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