Recipe for a happy family

The Sandjajas Family Portrait by Ave

First off, the key ingredients: hearts over flowing with love, lots of understanding and trust, endless open communication and listening, kisses and hugs, strong shoulders, a generous portion of laughter, jokes and kidding around, courage (it's not for the faint of heart)

Mix together with a variety of colorful characters.

Stir in honesty and manners, kindness, caring, compassion and tenderness.

Sift in tears of joy and sadness. (Amount will vary, but every family has their fair share.)

Add quality time together (This is a must - DO NOT Exclude this important ingredient)

Make cherished memories that will last a life time.

To achieve this Sprinkle with tickles, cuddles, butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses,

and stroking hair while reading stories together.

Dancing around in PJ's to favorite songs. Also include activities with other happy humans.

This recipe is not fully tested, but so far so good. 

Hope that you will have similar results.