A Mother’s Reflection

Deviana & Nathan by Herna | Written by Maya

I believe that our three children (as are every child in the world) were born loved. The love we have for our children naturally kicked in the moment we learned of their existence and their arrival were events of highest anticipation wrapped in overwhelming love. I had hoped, quite possibly in some kind of fairy tale dream world, that with this love, managing the ins and outs of the day does not get the best of my husband and I, and that our everyday will not drive us crazy. However, in this reality, we are challenged everyday by tantrums, curiousity and growth. 

We wake up (on most mornings) to a thousand cuddles (and on other mornings, to spin kicks and punches to the face). We dance to the upbeat (or hectic) rhythm of the morning routines and give ourselves an imaginary pat on the back if we leave the house on time (because, of course, who has time for a real one?). We think we have everything all figured out only to discover that our children have outdone us yet again. They challenge our creativities and knowledge with their questions (that gets weirder every time), they test our patience and self-control, and they surprise us with experiences wrapped in an erratic mixture of immense joy and complete frustrations all rolled into one.

But… isn’t it amazing how these small creatures can bring out the worst in us, have us wrapped around their fingers, leave us emotionally and physically drained and yet our love for them only grows bigger as the tensions roll by and surprises keep coming in?

Here is where I found that such love exist, proving in truth that not even the display of negative, stubborn, or even demonic traits, can make us love our little offspring any less. 

I believe that it’s this love that fuels our children’s courage and confidence to win. It’s the drive that discovers their passion and leads them from negativity. It is the love that tells us we just had a magical day when our children go to bed well fed and without a fight. It shifts our goals, shapes our priorities, and weaves the dreams for our children as we watch them sleep. It keeps us amazed by our children as they learn to make it in this world. And it’s the same love that tells our children that no matter how small they feel to the world, they will always be celebrated in our hearts.

I know that I had a fairy tale dream once. It’s been so long I can hardly remember. But to find myself today, living in a world filled with such love and these magical creatures I call my children, you might say I’m a pretty lucky girl.

I’d like to take this moment to celebrate every mother here. Although there are days when motherhood will take a toll on us and make us feel weak and defeated, there are more days when we feel invincible, like a superhero with incredible powers. To raise the little beings we call our children is both an honor and a privilege we are almost undeserving to receive, and yet, we have the pleasure of their company every single day. I pray that we will never take that for granted. Happy Mother’s Day!