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You are my sunshine
Jun & Pax Family Portraits by Ave by Ave
Mar 2016

Summer I always feel like the joys are stretched longer to the length of the days in summertime. The cool breeze brings a whiff of the sweet smell of fresh cut grass and the butterflies are roaming free. I love summer. Especially in Australia, a country I call my second home. 

On one particular summer day, in Sydney, I was standing in the middle of Centennial Park, waiting to shoot the family portraits session with a huge smile plastered across my face. It was a perfect day with the most beautiful weather. It wasnt scorching hot; strangely, it felt rather chilly as the wind blew across the shade of the trees where I stood. I hadnt met the family I was going to shoot in person. Ive only known Jun and Pax by name, as David had just documented their private anniversary celebration a few weeks earlier. I heard that they were humble and easygoing people who are fun to be around. When I finally met them, I found out that everything I had heard was true and more. It made me feel honored just to be there, with them and their family, to shoot their family portraits. Pax had told me, via email, that she had wanted to do take a moment out of their family holiday to take some pictures and preferred if they could have some fun while doing it. 

Thats how I came to Centennial Park that day. It was a park with large trees and a good shade with a pretty little bridge. It was the perfect place for a family photo shoot. 

I loved how this family were just so natural together. It means a lot that I didnt have to say anything to capture some really good moments. Jackson, the toddler, looked as if he had the time of his life. He had so much fun running here and there we almost lost him. (Almost. Almost. Thankfully, everyone around the park were just so nice. I cant imagine what would have happened if we had lost him for real. My heart nearly stopped beating.) Even the littlest one of the bunch (the one with the chubbiest cheeks I want to sink my teeth into!) looked as if he enjoyed the weather. We all did! Even Paxs mom and niece who joined the crowd and made the day more fun! 

It was a wonderful day for them and for me too. I truly loved capturing this lovely family. I hope that you can feel the love they share through these series of snaps I took of them. And maybe get a whiff of that cool summer breeze!


Have a great weekend! 


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