Love of Family

Ruben Onsu Family Portraits by Herna

The life of a celebrity - you’d think it’d be filled with glamour and glitz and totally more awesome than any of us could even dream of, right? I thought so too. Until I met Ruben and Wenda who showed me that they go through life just like anyone of us. They have dreams and they work hard to achieve it. They feel joy and sadness and love, just like we do.
A few weeks ago, I had the chance to welcome them into our studio for a family portraits sessions. Ruben and Wenda, along with their beautiful daughter Alia. Before she arrived, Ruben and Wenda only thought about themselves. They never considered anyone else. If there were a job offer, they’d take it, as long as they’re able to fulfil it. They very rarely turned anything down. But as soon as Alia arrived, their whole world changed. Life as they knew it, was no longer. And they had to include her in every decision they made. Ruben still goes out to work and accept jobs when he can, but Wenda has held back more as she put their daughter at the top of her list of priorities.
I thought that celebrities go through life a little different than we do. However, this family showed me that they experience life just like the other people next door - they work, they enjoy, and they put love for their family above all else.
It was an honor to have the Onsu family in my studio and to be there as they made their memories as a family of three.