Photography : Tying The Knot
Jason & Faustine
Same Day Edit by Garry by Garry
Aug 2015

I think a wedding is about a message, and a wedding video is like a message to our future selves. Its proof that in one point of our lives, our love made us brave enough and compelled us to embark on a decision to tie ourselves to one person who we believe will make us happy for the rest of our lives. I think that its a letter to the future to remind ourselves of the things that we believe in, the promises we make and the beauty of love, so that we will always have something to hold on to, no matter what kind of crazy rides life takes us on. 

Jason and Faustines wedding was filled with a lot of messages. The words they spoke to each other. The words their friends spoke of the couple. Even to the little details that Faustine placed as decorations at the venue of their holy matrimony – I love that she walked down the aisle, accompanied by promises in the bible about love. Their wedding day was filled with so many beautiful messages that they can cherish later on in their lives. I just hope that I did it justice in this video. 

Jason and Faustines wedding was the first destination wedding I had to shoot after spearheading a project for a company profile. The project had a pretty intense deadline and it felt like it took a lot out of me and my team. Being at Jason and Faustines wedding recharged me. Its strange, because as much as I love challenges and doing something new, being at weddings and capturing it, always makes me feel like I belong. Especially to be at a wedding of a friend where the venue is buzzing with familiar places. It really didnt feel like work to me. 

Jason and Faustine, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.