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Billy & Fiona
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May 2015

Fun Fact #1: Weddings are intimate events that makes you realize just how small the world is. In that celebration of love, you realize that all the people you love, everyone you hold dearest, every person that matters in your world is in that room and they are all celebrating with you. As for me, to be a part of those intimate events, also makes me realize just how small the world is, because I am bound to meet someone I know in it. Isnt that the weirdest yet funnest thing to discover? During Billy and Fionas wedding, I met a good friend of mine, who was coincidentally also a good friend of Fiona. Can I just say, what a small world!

Fun Fact #2: Grooms, despite their cool or funny exteriors, are secretly soft and mushy inside. Billy here, was as cool as a senior straight out of high school from the moment he woke up. He is suave and – okay, I cant find another word to describe him other than – cool with his sunnies that you cant help but to think, well, this guy handled everything! He is funny, always cracking jokes since the crack of down, and he made everyone around him laugh. But at the moment he spoke his vows to Fiona, he couldnt contain the tears that run down his face, and made the whole room burst with emotions along with him. It was such an unexpected moment, and it was beautiful. Dont be fooled by the exterior, because deep inside, men are just pandas. 

Fun Fact #3: Billy and Fiona booked me a year before their actual wedding day, but the biggest honor was to actually be invited to witness their lovely union. Thank you for the opportunity, Billy and Fiona. I wish you a fun-filled marriage! 




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