Photography : Tying The Knot
Wirman & Nadia
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Sep 2014

A relationship is an orchestra and love is the music. When a couple play their instruments well in harmony, they create beautiful music. 

Wirman and Nadia are two special people who taught me this. They are the perfect fit. And to watch them together is like hearing a sweet song on a sunny day. Everything seemed to flow naturally with them. It didnt take long for the tunes of love to come together. The day I shot their pictorial was the day Wirman and Nadia celebrated their first anniversary as a couple. She is full of surprises and he loves to spend every waking moments with her. He is a brilliant pianist and she is the girl with a golden voice.They make each other laugh. They make each other happy. And they are perfect for each other. I can just picture them making beautiful music together for the rest of their lives.

The video we made for them is only a short segment, a brief preview of their story. But the music they made is one that I will hold dear to my heart for a long time coming.

Congratulations again Wirman and Nadia!



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